Hindistan'da İngiliz Sömürgeciliği, Oryantalizm ve William Jones

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  • 2003


  • 6

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  • Türkçe

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  • Doktor

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India has been at the centre of interest of all the nations throughout history. Both the Eastern and the Western countries have struggled to gain the control of India and not to share their posses ions with the others. Academy, diplomacy, trade and war have always been within this intention. Britain has a particular place in the history of Western colonization at the Indian Ocean. Britain, succeeded to establish a permanent stay in India following different policies than former European colonists (Portugal, Spain and Holland) in India. In this article, Britain's sensitivity towards India and her Indian policy, India ~s effect on British domestic policy, and also the effects of Britain on India's social, cultural and economic structure have been discussed. It has been aimed to prove that India have played an immenent role on Britain, maintaining a determining position in world politics. Another topic that has been evaluated in this article is the determining effect of British colonial policy on the institutionalization and main problems of British orientalism.

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