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The tribe Inuleae Cass (sensuMerxmulleref al. 1977) is included under the sub-family Asteroideae of the family Asteraceae consisting of 200 genera and about 2000 species. According to Anderberg (1989) the tribe Inuleae is an unnatural, paraphyletic group and he has divided Inuleae into three monophyletic tribes viz. Inuleae (s.s.), Gnaphalieae and Plucheae. It is also clear that cypselar anatomical features are of great value for delimitation of taxa in some inuloid genera of Australia by Short ef al. (1989). Perusal of available literature regarding the exo-morphic features of cypsela in Inuleae shows that the cypselas features play a paramount role for determination of taxa. The present study has been under taken for the detailed study of cypselas in 6 genera and 7 species of the tribe Inuleae. The present endeavour is the result of work with 7 species of cypselas in the tribe Inuleae. Among the studied taxa, shape ,size, colour , presence or absence of ribs within the cypsela, number of ribs, thickness of pericarp, distribution of surface hairs ,carpopodium ; thickness and number of rows of corpopodial cells ; structure , colour and distribution of pappus bristles; cross-sectional area cypsela and the number of secretary ducts in each cotyledon are considered for characterization of taxa. From this study, it is obvious that detailed analysis of cypselar features is no doubt useful, taxonomic tools for isolation and characterization of taxa, along with other morphological parameters which are usually included in the floristic and other taxonomic studies.



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