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Bowel metastasis from carcinoma cervix: A rare case report

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Bowel Metastasis from Carcinoma Cervix is extremely rare. We had 50 years old female patient who presented with sub acute intestinal obstruction in July 2005. She underwent Laparotomy with clinical diagnosis of ileo-caecal tuberculosis. Resection of adhered bowel consisting of part of terminal ileum, ascending colon and ileo-caecal junction was done with ileocolonic anastomosis. Ileo-caecal tuberculosis or any other primary bowel pathology was not found. Serosa at various levels of ileum, colon showed metastasis of moderately differentiated keratinising squamous cell carcinoma resembling that of cervix. After deliberate and intensive enquiry, it was found that patient had undergone Wertheim’s hysterectomy for carcinoma cervix in February 2005 confirming the diagnosis of serosal metastasis of carcinoma cervix.Considering the rarity of bowel metastasis from carcinoma cervix and retrograde route of transmission, this case is presented.



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