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Water Quality, Wastewater Generation And Sewerage System In Urban Areas: A Case Study Of Kanpur City

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Most of the Indian cities are located along the bank of the major rivers and their pollution poses a serious threat to the secure urban water supply. Water is one of the most vital infrastructure in the city support system and this finite resource is going to be more scarce in the years to come. It has both quality and quantity dimensions. Growing water scarcity threatens economic development, sustainable human livelihood, environmental quality and a host of other societal goals in countries and regions around the world. Urban population growth in developing countries, place immense pressure on water and land resources. It also results in the release of growing volumes of wastewater most of it untreated. The rate of industrialisation and deterioration of water quality (both surface and groundwater) is of major concern in metropolitan cities and towns in Indian cities. Thus, Kanpur city has been selected as a study area, which is facing severe problem of water quality pollution, wastewater generation and its management



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