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Retention and performance of students in engineering programs has been a topic of concern globally. Various factors involved need to be investigated and understood. The present case study analyzes relationship between students’ school results and their performance in engineering programs. Statistical data from three campuses of Ajman University of Science and Technology, UAE, were used for 3 undergraduate engineering programs. Data for 661 students, with a minimum school score of 70%, enrolled over ten years were investigated. From the students group with ‘high’ performance in school, 53%, 46% and 1% performed ‘high’, ‘medium’ and ‘low’ in their programs, respectively. From students near ‘minimum’ score in school, 6%, 87% and 7% performed ‘high’, ‘medium’ and ‘low’ in their programs, respectively. The analysis suggests that students with relatively ‘high’ scores in school may not maintain their performance in engineering programs, while students with relatively ‘low’ scores in school could improve significantly. Further investigations are recommended.



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