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A Multi-Band Star Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna

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Design of multiband microstrip patch antennas with low volume is of practical benefit in the field of wireless communication. The proposed microstrip patch antenna in this paper has been designed and can efficiently support to operate at the following center resonant frequencies (2.36, 2.54, 2.78, 2.97, 3.20, 3.47, 4.0, 4.15 and 4.53) GHz in S and C bands which it is work for various wireless services. The antenna structure consists of star shape patch plane, substrate layer with dielectric constant  r and infinite ground plane below them. The simulated results provide the antenna performance in term of return loss, gain, voltage standing wave ratio and current distribution. FEKO version 7.0 has been used as a software simulator to analyze the antenna which is based on Method of Moment (MOM). Coaxial cable has been used to fed the antenna.



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