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Technical and Economic Feasibility of Constructing a Zero-Energy Building: An Iranian Case Study

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In this research, technical and economical studying of creating a zero-energy building is explored. The building under study is a sports complex located in Zanjan climate, to conserve electricity and gas some actions were taken that have been studied in this building such as: setting the temperature for the summer and winter, setting and servicing burners, installation of air curtains, replacement of ballast induction with electronic one, installing awning windows, and installation of intelligent control room at a cost of about 1,588 dollars, and also items such as: installation of solar water heater, installation of electro-Volta cells and installation of wind turbines at a cost of about 118,480 dollars which are checked by RETScreen. All the mentioned costs were approximately 120,068 dollars, and with this amount of investment 21037 m3/year saving in gas consumption and 155,005 kwh/year savings in power consumption will be brought about.



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