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Lack of Time on Projects and an Attempt to Compensate It Increasing Labor and Machinery Work Time and Its Relationship to Future Costs of the Project

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Delays would have various effects including increased project time, increased direct and indirect costs, missing the predetermined objectives and lost opportunity costs as the consequence. These problems can cause disagreements among the project stakeholders or claims and in some cases, has led to cases at legal courts, all of which requires time, cost and energy consumption. Therefore, it is essential to study these processes and provided proper solutions to recognize and analyze the causes, reasons and factors affecting delays and how to manage it. Findings based on data collected from questionnaires along with their analysis and implemented tests on final questionnaire were examined. The presence of unpredicted factors at construction process and related difficulties has made it impossible to prevent delays at projects and since any delay can cause extra costs for those involved at project, it is always necessary to determine the effect of time and imposed losses for all those involved at the construction due to delays conducting a precise analysis and also calculate the time extension.



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