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Identification of Factors in Determining Development Strategy for Bawean-Gresik Island Based on Marketing Place toward ASEAN Economic Community

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The current Bawean Island potency do not work optimally yet due to constrained of funds for the realization of its development. So it is necessary to cooperate with third parties (investors), especially concerning with the going on of Asean Economic Community in which can be an opportunity to support the development, especially in the field of Tourism and Fisheries Industry that had been the potential field. The purpose of this research is to identify both factors and criteria in determining development strategy of Bawean Island based on Marketing Place to attract both Tourism and Fishery Industry sector in facing Asean Economic Community. The Data analysis used IFE (Internal Factor Evaluation) matrix, EFE (External Factor Evaluation) Matrix and Delphi method for criteria selection. The results of this study are; 1). On internal factors, there are 11 strength factors and 15 weakness factors. A number of weaknesses must be resolved, to turn into a power factor; 2). On external factors, there are 8 opportunity factors and 8 threat factors. By minimizing the threat factor, can be utilized to seize the opportunity.



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