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Ethical Aspect of Public Relations

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Public relations practitioners frequently face ethical questions during the course of their daily business with clients, the media, and others. Then what is the meaning of the ethics? Is there any consensus about it? Ethics is the set of criteria by which decisions are made about what is right and what is wrong. Our aim is to explore the ethical environment confronting public relations professionals. Today public relations deals to a great extent with subjective and very complex issues. In the 20th century certain developments that are the rise of the consumer movement, the rise of the environmental movement, the publicising of corruption on the part of public officials, the higher educational and economic level and the rise of new technologies have made ethics a major issue. The most troublesome areas of ethical practice are truth in public relations, the extention of undue influence on the communication media, political public relations, bad taste and the handling of confidential information. In the same time in our article we shall discuss individual and business ethics and ethical responsibilities of the public relations professionai will be examined.



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