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Modernliğin Kaynakları: Rönesans Üzerine Bir Değerlendirme

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Renaissance had emerged out of the relations between civilizations. The search for getting out of the conditions of the Middle Ages had leaded the Crusades; and the new relations established with the Eastern Civilizations by means of the Crusades, had leaded Renaissance. Renaissance was oriented to establish a relationship with the heritage of the Old Ages. In this context, it can be said that the relationship established with the ancient Greek heritage was limited, but the interest in the Roman heritage was much more direct and central. This interest was focused on "being like Rome ". Renaissance had given West a chance to acquire a position in the international relations, but they were not able to reach the position of determining the relations as the Roman Empire. Modernity is the result of aspirations to be Roman. It can be defined as a search for the glory of the Roman Empire. But in spite of all its interests and aspirations, the new Rome did not realize. That's why, it remained to be a limited attempt in the history of modernity.



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