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A meaning analysis about ‘feminine perception’ in the Turkish Folk Music lyrics

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In this study, ‘feminine perception’ which exists in the Turkish folk music lyrics was discussed in terms of its mystical and mythological roots. In this study, it was strived that a feminine meaning had been attributed to the earth; the way of the metaphorization of the words ‘earth mother’, ‘Moon’, ‘Sun’, ‘Venus’ parading in Turkish language and folk songs is a proof for this. Because the earth creates and feeds, it is called as ‘mother’; because it covers all the dirt and reveals the beauty although it is stepped on, it is dwelled on that it is the symbol of modesty and awe. Additionally, a living creature whose soul leaves from body, integrating with earth is perceived as the first attempt for mental migration (reincarnation) so it has been showed in the study that earth is seen as a bridge in the condition for mystical creator-created identity. . Lastly, it is detected that feminine perception related to ‘moon’, ‘sun’ and ‘Venus’ are included in the Turkish folk music lyrics with the reason that they were carried from the ancient matriarchal in Anatolian civilizations till today.



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