An Attempt at Pseudo-Democracy and Tactical Liberalizaiton in Turkey: An Analysis of Ismed Inönü\'s Decision to Transit to a Multi-Party Political System

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Turkish experiment of transition to multi-party politics in 1946 has been seen by transition to democracy comparativists as an example of the cases in which the ruling elites deliberately decide that the society is diverse so this diversity needs to be translated into the political sphere by allowing multi-party politics. However, this study challanges this view and suggests that a close reading of the critical juncture of 1946 when the President and the leader of Republican People’s Party İsmet İnönü decided to allow other parties to operate shows that it was not that the President İnönü succumbed to the reality of diversity but domestic and international concerns forced him to act towards a multi-party political structure. In his mind, he had a pseudodemocratic system where he and his party would continue to rule the country in a hegemonic party system setting where a ruling party monopolizes the political arena, using coercion, patronage, media control, and other means to deny formally legal opposition parties any real chance of competing for power.



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