Effect of antenatal stimulation of breast and breast milk outcome: Cross sectional study

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Introduction: Breast stimulation has been suggested as an effective means of inducing labour. It is both an inexpensive and non-medical intervention which allows women greater control over the induction process. The present study is carried out to evaluate the effect of this simple, inexpensive e technique of antenatal nipple stimulation after 37 weeks of gestation and its effect on milk outcome. Methodology : All women with 37 completed weeks of gestation and sure of their last menstrual periods were included in the study group.Patient was taught the maneuver; breast was stimulated/massaged, with palmer surface of the hand, between the index and fore fingers for about 5 minutes in downward direction. Results : In case group of 94% of patients had initiation of breast milk feeding/secretions within half an hour after delivery, where as in control group 84% of patients had breast milk feeding/secretions within half an hour after delivery. Initiation of breast milk feeding/secretions within half an hour after delivery was studied irrespective of vaginal delivery, forceps, LSCS or NICU admission of the baby. Conclusion: The present study outlines the importance of breast milk outcome positive response to breast stimulation exercise during prenatal period.



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