Entrepreneurship Development Through Self-help Groups: A Case Study Of Karveer Taluka In Kolhapur District

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Women entrepreneurship development is an essential part of human resource development. Entrepreneurship amongst women has been a recent concern. Women have become aware of their existence their rights and their work situation. However, women of middle class are not too eager to alter their role in fear of social backlash. The progress is more visible among upper class families in urban cities. However it is observed the development of women entrepreneurship is very low in India, especially in the rural areas. The present paper is based on primary and secondary data collected from different sources and specially focus on women entrepreneurship. For collecting primary data the questionnaire has been used. The researcher also used observation and note making technique to collect primary data. The present study intends, to know the Women Entrepreneurship Development in Karveer Taluka, and to know the role played by SHGs in Women Entrepreneurship Development. The study also focuses to find the answer to women backwardness and to suggest measures on it. The study is limited to only one Taluka i.e. Karveer Taluka and samples are selected only 55enterpreneurs from 25 SHGs of the Taluka.



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