Patients’ violence towards nurses: A questionnaire survey

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Background: Although nurses worldwide are experienced violence in their workplace, how nurses experiences violence in India remains unclear. Objectives: The objectives of this study were to (1) determine the occurrence of violence towards nurses. (2) compare the physical and verbal violence towards nurses. (3)find the association between the violence and selected variables. Methods: A descriptive survey design Setting: Mental health hospital (A), Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Participants: Purposive sampling technique was used which includes the nurses (1) working in Hospital A, (2) having minimum 6 (Six) months of experience. (3) who were available during data collection. (4) who were willing to participate in the study. majority i.e. 165 (92.2%) of the subjects are females and 14 (7.8%) are males, data further show that 147 (82.1%) subjects are staff nurses. A validated and reliable self administered questionnaire developed by the investigator was administered from 24th April 2006 to 25th May 2006. Results: Majority i.e. 156 (87.2%) of subjects experience violence, out of that 1O2 (57%) subjects experienced mild violence, whereas 23 subjects i.e. 12.8% never experienced violence, and fifty four (30.2%) experience moderate violence. The mean verbal violence score (5.40) is apparently higher than the mean physical violence score (1.55). Conclusion: These results suggest that nurses need to be trained in therapeutic communication and nonviolence self-defence techniques.



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