An Overview on Locating of Chain Stores Construction by using of Analytic Network Process in Geographic Information System Environment

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Place distribution is as one of the most important elements of Marketing Mix and is important strategically. Due to the uniqueness and not easily imitation can lead to a sustainable competitive advantage for economic firm. The reason of focusing on chain stores is because these stores in compete with each other , with reducing the supply chain costs also kinds of overhead costs may reduce the final price of goods that this matter will help to both producers and consumers. Present paper is as form of descriptive – analytical method and is conducted based on library studies also with providing a theoretical basis and documents explanation through Analytic Network Process and with using of geographic information system that its sharing spot with place element is in Marketing Mix, evaluates capabilities of the three fields such as Industrial Engineering, Geography and operations research order to locate the construction of chain stores. Examining of conducted studies about using of Multi- Decision making models about locating of economic enterprises and especially the chain stores indicated variety of effective Criterions about customers’ decisions in selecting of store and service providers. The results of studying on spatial characteristics for construction of chain stores suggests that population settlement patterns, household income , their manner of movement and traveling in city and suburban, the main commuter routes and sufficient knowledge of traffic patterns ,shopping attractions and attention about costs are as items that can guarantee successfully of projects about locating of chain stores.



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