Investigations on Production Traits of Mulards with Experimentally Induced Aflatoxicosis

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In this study the toxic effects of aflatoxin В1 (AFB1) on production traits (live body weight, weight gain, feed intake and feed conversion) and relative weights (g/100 g body weight) of visceral organs (liver, kidneys, thymus, spleen, Bursa of Fabricius, heart, gizzard and proventriculus) in mulard ducklings were investigated. The experiment was carried out with four groups of 30 10-day-old ducklings each, over 42 days. The groups were as followed: group І – control, which received standard feed according to the species and age, group ІІ – experimental, which received compound feed with 0.5 mg/kg AFB1, group ІІI – receiving compound feed supplemented with 0.8 mg/kg AFB1 and group IV – compound feed supplemented with 0.5 mg/kg AFB1 and 2 g/kg Mycotox NG. In experimental groups II and III, the body weight, weight gain, feed intake were lower, feed conversion ratio was higher as well as the relative weights of liver, kidneys, heart, pancreas, gizzard and proventriculus. At the same time, the relative weight of the thymus, bursa of Fabricius and the spleen were considerably reduced. The supplementation of feed of group IV with Mycotox NG protected birds from the negative effects of AFB1 on production traits and prevented changes in the weights of visceral organs.
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Bu çalışmada aflatoksin B1’in (AFB1) mulard ördek palazlarının verim özellikleri (canlı ağırlık, canlı ağırlık kazancı, yem tüketimi ve yemden yararlanma) ve iç organlara (karaciğer, böbrekler, timus, dalak, Bursa Fabricius, kalp, taşlık, ve kursak) ait relatif canlı ağırlıkları (g/100 g vücut ağırlığı) üzerine toksik etkileri incelenmiştir. Deney 10 günlük yaşta ördek palazlarından 30’ar adet 4 grup olacak şekilde ve 42 günde gerçekleştirilmiştir. Gruplar şöyle sıralanabilir; Grup I- kontrol, türüne ve yaşına göre standart yem verilmiştir, grup II- deneysel, 0,5 mg/kg AFB1 yemlerine eklenmiştir, grup III – yemlerine 0,8 mg/kg AFB1 eklenmiştir ve grup 4- yemlerine 0,5 mg/kg AFB1 ve 2 g/kg Mikotoks NG eklenmiştir. Deneysel gruplar II ve III’te vücut ağılığı, canlı ağırlık kazancı, yem tüketimi daha düşük iken, yemden yararlanma oranı ile karaciğer, böbrekler, kalp, pancreas, taşlık ve kursağın nispi ağılıkları artış göstermiştir. Aynı zamanda timus, Bursa Fabrisius ve dalağın nispi ağırlıkları önemli ölçüde azalmıştır. Grup4’ün yemine eklenen Mikotoks NG, AFB1’in verim özelliklerine ve iç organların ağırlık değişimleri üzerine negatif etkilerine karşı kuşları korumuştur.



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Investigations on Production Traits of Mulards with Experimentally Induced Aflatoxicosis 245
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Investigations on Production Traits of Mulards with Experimentally Induced Aflatoxicosis 247
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