Cyber Space and Virtual Reality

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The central focus of my literature review is on the cyber space, culture, virtual reality, identity, and artificial intelligence in relation to the media, consumer society and the masses. The visualization of the stories of the books is one of the concepts that will be explored and another major topic discussed in the literature review is based on the perception of time and work in relation to the crafts and the techniques involved in the cinema industry, the production of the video games and the concepts and the transforming notions of time, reality, simulation of the experience of real time in cinema by exploring the influence of the editing and the recreation of time and the sense of reality with the help of the high technology, digital computer generated graphics, editing and special effects especially after the all-encompassing "digital revolution". As the technological developments open new doors to alternative ways of communication, marketing, interaction, and existence with the progressions made on the telecommunication, the inter-net, virtual reality, cyberspace and culture, the hypothetical science fiction themes became a part of the reality of the modern society.



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