KM Practice in Malaysia Community College: KMS to Support KM Framework

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Knowledge Management (KM) is a new concept, especially in a community college environment, where knowledge has yet been captured, collaborated and managed systematically. Realizing the value and importance of KM approach, the researcher attempted to identify several goals to be achieved to provide for a viable KM framework that will support the current activities of knowledge transfer and sharing in a community college environment. Five different techniques were used including observation, small talk, interview, field notes & survey and experimental. Yet this study also covered the KMS development for CMS technology as stated in the framework. This study focuses how to create a framework that works for community colleges since they are looked upon as the lifelong learning and training center in the country. The finding has shown that the KMS (prototype) makes the KM framework visible and possible to be implemented in Malaysia community colleges. Coinciding community colleges act as agents for the Malaysian government to develop the local communities’ socioeconomic through knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing and also as a part of the higher learning institution.



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