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The problem of universal, compulsory primary education requires.Universal provision of school facilities,universal enrolment of pupils universal retention of the enrolled children till they complete the prescribed course, and above all qualitative improvement of education. Hence, keeping in mind the situation leisured in the above paragraphs an attempt was made in this chapter to find out the prevailing distastes or still existed problems in the field of primary education despite the state Government making all the sincere efforts to improve the enrolment ratio on a sustainable manner.To understand the problems of rural primary schools. To understand the problem that teachers face in rural primary schools. Further as such four talukas in Gulbarga district are selected for the present study. Two schools form each taluka are selected and it will adds up to total eight schools as an study sample for the present study. Apart from this an information schedule is also framed to collect the data pertaining to the school information such as man power, infrastructure, finance and the problems faced by the schools concened persons.However, there are many un touched problem to be talked and the biggest problem human resource management in terms of staying within the duty head-quarter, the question raised with parents. Ideally there should be a co-operation and coordination between the SDMC and government must body to work as a team and achieve all the target oriented goals These days school managements became smart enough in monitoring the people and getting involve them into the school activities. Educational research suggests that schooling out are greatly influenced by family background. It is in the other way to state that, attitudes behaviour and perception of the parents influences on various aspects of education and schooling pattern.



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