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Turning Point in Mamluk-Ilhanid Relations: Shahab Battle From Ayn Jalut War, there had been started a struggle between Mamluks who wanted to prevent Egypt from suffering likely attacks and to strengthen their sovereignty over Syria region for getting the mamluk transportation from Desht-i Kipchak safer and Ilkhanids who wanted to reach to sea by getting hold of Syria region and to invade Egypt in accordance with their traditional imperialist politics. This struggle appeared sometimes as a cold war like violations of frontiers, diplomatic manoeuvres and espionage mutually. There had been great wars like Albistan, Homs, Hkazindar and Shakhab between these two states and Mamluks were victors in them except Hkazindar. Shakhab War had some characteristics different from others from the point of its results. Thus, as a result of this war, Mamluks’ sovereignty over Syria region became definite. Moreover, these two states went into the reconciliation way after that war. In this study, we dealt with the relations between Mamluks and Ilkhanids in the process towards Shakhab War briefly and Shakhab War and its results from every aspects.