Revisiting Marx and Dahrendorf on social exclusion and inclusion

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Social exclusion and inclusion have become popular concepts discussed in social sciences for the last three decades. In extant literature, it is understood that discussions around these concepts rarely refer to the classical sociological thought emerged in Europe, even though these concepts are quite relative to discuss within the boundaries of sociological thought, especially in conflict tradition. Little attention has also been paid to explanation of social exclusion and social inclusion as regards to the conflict tradition. In this regard, this piece of work relates the issue to thoughts of two leading scholars of conflict tradition. This study traces roots of notions of social exclusion and inclusion in the conflict tradition by examining original works of Marx and Dahrendorf. This paper shows contending and converging ideas of Marx and Dahrendorf on social exclusion and social inclusion. Finally, the paper rejuvenates the ideas of conflict tradition on the domain of social exclusion and inclusion.



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