Carcinosarcoma of Breast: A report of triple positive variant

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Carcinosarcoma of the breast is an exceedingly rare andaggressive tumour with exiguous prognosis.This tumour has theepithelial and mesenchymal components derived from two diverse cell lines.They are arduous to diagnose both preoperatively and postoperatively.Differential staining with cytokeratin, vimentin and lack of transition between the two components of the tumouraids in clinching the diagnosis. Attaining negative surgical margins either by radical or breast conserving procedures remain the gold standard in management. Carcinosarcoma of the breast with triple receptor positive phenotype are inimitable. Adjuvant therapy should be tailored to the immuno-histochemical signature of the individual tumours.A careful periodic follow-upis vital to detect metastasis and recurrence early and to minimize mortality.We hereby report a case of carcinosarcoma of the breast with triple positive phenotype because of its rarity and prognostic importance.



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