Predictive Estimates Of Emotional Intelligence And Spiritual Intelligence On Academic Success Among Senior Secondary School Respondents

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The study investigated the possible predicted estimates of emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence on academic success among the senior secondary school students. Simple random sampling method was used in selecting 600 students of CBSE Board. The study utilized survey research design using the correlational method. Emotional intelligence inventory developed by Mangal & Mangal and Spiritual intelligence test constructed by the researcher were used to collect data. Data analysis involved the use of Pearson Correlation, F-test and Multiple Regression procedure to seek for possible predictive capacity of the two independent variables on the dependent measure. The correlational analysis of the results revealed a statistically significant positive relationship among the variables. Findings from the study revealed that two predictor variables jointly were effective in predicting academic success. On the basis of the relative contribution, spiritual intelligence made higher contribution to the prediction of academic success. It is suggested that counselors and teachers should work on emotional and spiritual well being of the students in school.



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